Selling your gold online

Online gold buyers have become a very popular choice for those people who want to sell their gold jewelry for some extra cash. This business has been around for decades. The trend of it is growing day by day. This is because both the parties earn a decent profit. After buying gold from the seller, the companies sell them to the refineries for a high bait which is then melted into bars.

But are they the best choice for selling your gold jewelry? Before selling your gold to them, research well about the companies. Make sure you are selling your stuff to a reliable, and reputable buyer.

Selling your gold to online buyers is one of the best ways to dispose your gold items rather than in pawnshops or jewelry stores. Most jewelry shops offer less price for the jewelry. Online buyers buy gold chains, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets and even coins. Some of them also buy silver jewelry and silverware. They also offer free shipment of the items. You just have to ensure them that your items are genuine.

If you decide to choose an online gold buyer for selling your jewelry, you definitely need to be cautious about online scams. To avoid this, it is important to check for the credibility of the company. You need to ensure that all the information stated on their website is true, and feedbacks of the company are authentic.

Check with the BBB that is Better Business Bureau if there are any complaints registered against the company. If yes, review your option again. Even reputable companies have their complaints filed with the BBB. This is because many sellers like to share their experiences with others as they get offended if they are not offered what they want and others don’t have any idea of the value of their gold. If they are offered lesser what they expected, they feel like cheated.

Go through the company’s website. Check if the numbers they have provided are working or always on voice mail. From how many years they are in this field? How will they pay you? Are you entitled to send your stuff to them on your own or they will get it collect? How long will it take the money to come into your account? Make sure you have answers to all these questions. Read their reviews on third party websites. Make sure the company is licensed and reliable.