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We are looking to buy Large Diamonds

We can make home or bank visits. Call for your special appointment. 800-574-8820

We are looking for hundreds of carats…

Diamond melee (small diamond chips) are in demand. The price of labor increase in India coupled with the high demand over-seas is making diamond melee more valuable. We buy the tiny diamonds in your gold jewelry as well.

What We Pay



We have been buying diamonds for 27 years of the 34 years we have been in business. We can cut and polish any diamond that is broken or chipped to pay you a higher value. We pay more for diamonds because our experts can appraise any stone, even those without GIA or EGL certification. And because we are also expert cutters, we buy your diamond based on its potential value after a recut. When you choose Nation Diamond Buyers to appraise your diamond, you’re going with the highest payouts in the Florida Diamond District. Our experts are at the top of the industry in terms of knowledge and experience – including an on-staff diamond cutter which is extremely rare in the world of “we’ll buy your diamonds!” internet buyers.

Because of this expertise level, we can accurately appraise your diamond, even if you do not possess GIA or EGL “certs” (certification papers originally issued with the diamond).

Send us your Diamonds and Jewelry and you will be surprised at the payouts. Diamonds and precious metals have never been higher. Or visit us in any of our stores. You will be glad you did!

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