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Reliable Scrap Gold Buyers

We at Nation Diamond buyers buy scrap gold at highest payouts as compared to others in the market. With the price of gold on the rise; we know more and more people want to sell their scrap gold. But finding a reliable source is the toughest part. When you sell your gold to us; you are in trustworthy hands.  Quality and dependable services have earned us a reputation in the market.We are the most reliable scrap gold buyers in the area.

Scrap Gold: Scrap gold includes everything that is made of gold or has gold in its manufacture.

What we buy?

We buy bent broken jewelry, bracelets, casting gold, cluster rings, gold alloys,  gold bracelets, gold chains, gold class rings, gold coins, gold dental crowns, gold dust and sweeps, gold earrings, gold flake, gold nuggets, gold brooches, gold sheets, gold wedding bands, gold wires, melted gold, old gold watches and even items with missing stones. The condition of your gold scrap does not matter to us.

How to send your material to us?

Fill our online form to get free FedEx shipping and send your gold to us. After receiving the material,  our experts will have a look at it and pay you the cash.  The price you get will be by weight and quantity of the gold. We also offer electronic payments through PayPal for consumers who need the cash the same day.

24/7 customer care services, reliable parcel tracking systems, fast cash payments and highest payouts… we are known for these services in the Boca Raton region.

Contact us to sell your scrap gold. Talk  to our customer representative; they will help you understand all the procedure. Also before sending us your scrap gold; give our representative all the details of the material you are sending. You can also track your material using our website with your tracking number.