Selling your broken jewelry online- knowing the process and your buyer

Old jewelry like necklace or a chain, ring can bring a lot of extra cash. Learning how to sell your broken jewelry pieces will help you get the most money. Selling broken precious items is an easy process. One can get well acquainted with it.

Selling gold necklace or ring or chain

Knowing how to sell the old broken gold chain or a ring, will help you select the best buyer which will offer you the best deal.

  • Know the market value of gold to determine the fair price of the gold.  Gold is a precious commodity and fluctuates in price. So make sure you sell your ornaments when the price is on the higher side.
  • Calculate the weight of the item you are selling. Jewelry is weighed in karats. An item with 10 karat stamps will bring in the least amount while the one stamped with 24 karats will bring in the most. It is considered the purest form of gold.

Knowing your buyer

Search a buyer online. Many firms offer live auctions, while others choose to buy the whole of your scrap gold.

  • Check the background of the firm. Read their reviews and testimonials online.
  • The firms should be licensed to carry this business.
  • The prices offered by different gold buyers vary as this depends upon the market value of the gold and quality of your goods.
  • The closer the buyer is to you, the better.  This way you will be able to get sufficient information regarding the gold buyers near you.
  • Consider  the quality of their customer service.  You want to ensure that all your queries will be adequately entertained.
  • Whichever company you choose, make sure they have all the information regarding the scrap gold. Also, research regarding the references.
  • Talk to their former clients and take their feedbacks.
  • In the case of, the seller is a part of an organization or a guild, this is a sign of trustworthiness. Check their ratings online.
  • Check if there are any complaints or fraudulent claims registered against them.
  • There are many online buyers that have been a part of this business for years. These are the ones who have a good reputation and track record. So select one such company which is popular among its clients for its quality and dependable services.

These tips will help you sell your precious items to someone trustworthy. For selling your jewelry online, contact us.