How gold buyers find the value of your gold?

In times of crisis, we find ways to earn money to pay our bills, and get out of the emergency situation. Today, in this tough economy, when jobs are also scarce, we sometimes have to find other means to take care of our families. With the prices of gold soaring day by day, we think of selling it to the gold buyers for earning some extra cash during the tough times.

Before selling your gold to a buyer, you need to know how they find the value of your gold.

  • First the buyer takes a large scoop, and put your gold in it to melt it. Then borax is added to it so that the precious metal can be separated from anything that is not metal. This way, the true weight of your gold can be determined.
  • After this, the gold is put in a furnace for 20-25 minutes. As it melts, it will start to form a ball. While it is melting, you have to stir it with a rod made from graphite. When molten gold reaches 2000 degrees, a vacuum glass tube is introduced into the melted gold, to take the liquid sample.
  • Then the melted gold is poured into a mold. If there are any other impurities in the gold, they will float to the surface. A hole is drilled into the gold, to measure the exact precious content.
  • To measure this, a small amount of gold is scraped and is wrapped in silver lead foil. It is put in 1100 degree furnace, to melt the silver alloy and then the gold is weighed again.
  • Liquid and solid sample of gold are put under spectrometer, to determine its purity. If there is more than 1% difference between the two weights, the process has to be done again.

All gold buyers assess the value of your gold this way. The online gold buyers will accept your items through the mail. You will be given an account number to insure that your items are safe. You can also track your mail on their website. Once your gold arrives, it is evaluated, and you will be contacted within the shortest time possible.