Get to know about Melee Pro Diamonds

Diamond, a shining jewel, is a lot more graceful, and heart-stealing then it’s worth. No matter it’s a tiny diamond embedded in a gold ring or a stunning and eye-grabbing diamond necklace the jewel is always equally graceful and awe-inspiring.

Large is not always the best, many a times, tiny particles get more attention and diamonds are the best example for the scenario. Diamonds come in a numerous of shapes and sizes, all of them having their individual specific usage. Large diamonds get used in designing beautiful necklaces, bangles or bracelets. On the other hand, tiny diamond pieces share their part by being embedded in other metal to enhance their grace, worth and outlook. These tiny pieces are often known as “Melee Pro Diamonds”. Having a weight ranging from 0.001 carats to 0.18 carats, these ultimate shiny chips are widely in demand among the brokers and the jewelry designers.

The term “Diamond Chips” is considered to be derogatory. In the diamond and jewelry industry, some technical terms are used like i1-i2-i3 categorizing imperfect to perfect. Moreover, the word diamond chip seems like a diamond has cracks and is chipped. It feels like someone took a hammer and hit the diamond, crushing it into hundreds of “smaller chips”.

Some of the usage of melee pro diamonds in the jewelry industry are:

1. Scientists believe that the diamond is the heart of an extinct ‘star’ and diamond in the Star/Melee range, as they are called, are mainly used as accent store in Diamond jewelry and as luxury accessories for pronounced glamour and value addition.

2. More and more customers are now adding facet stones to their pieces as they attract the eye and steal the heart.

3. Melee Diamonds are genuine diamonds that are small, usually less than a third of a carat (0.001 ct to 0.18 ct). They are surprisingly affordable, yet add tremendous value to the price that you command for a piece. A single one will add a brilliant point of light to your piece.

4. These tiny pieces are usually sold in parcels and lots. Making of custom jewelry requires a high amount of these melee pro diamonds.

So, the listed factors explore the usage and popularity of Melee Diamonds. It simplifies that whether the diamonds are small or large, it is always the center of attraction.