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We are looking to buy Large Diamonds

We can make home or bank visits. Call for your special appointment. 800-574-8820

We are looking for hundreds of carats…

Diamond melee (small diamond chips) are in demand. The price of labor increase in India coupled with the high demand over-seas is making diamond melee more valuable. We buy the tiny diamonds in your gold jewelry as well.


Selling a jewel has never been easier. Neither choosing a reliable buyer, or when it comes to giving away your precious jewelry. Moreover, when it turns to diamond, the transaction becomes even more difficult, as diamond is the most heart-stealing, … Continue reading

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Diamonds come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are set into pieces of diamonds, while others are just loose diamonds that can have variety of uses. One such type is melee pro diamond. “Melee Pro” is a term used … Continue reading

Even today, sliver has not lost its shine. Not only gold and diamonds, but also silver markets have gone so far in some recent past. Often at our home, we find much of silver remained unused for long time. Nobody … Continue reading

From decades, jewelry has always been a women’s closest friend. Just speak of a jewel and you will see a charm in every women’s or girl’s eye. Either it’s any occasion or not, you can never see a lady without … Continue reading